Artist Development

What is artist development?

The music industry has changed. It used to be that the record label would use the A & R to find the new talent, then they’d be developed and then launched into the music scene. Not anymore.

The industry is looking for the best artists, with their identity pretty much formed so they have little to do.

Let’s see if we can help.

Our aim at BTF is to discover the best in you.

We hold short workshops, seminars, training and coaching days that will aid you in achieving your goal of a life in the music business.

We will give you access to local, national and international music industry contacts.

We have sister companies that will work alongside you to enable you to meet with other singers, musicians and industry professionals.

You will be some of the first to know about the latest local gigs and best live music nights in the south east of England.

We don’t offer lengthy contracts or complicated agreements, we will help you decide what is the best service for you and work with you on the journey.

We want to hear from you:

Send us your current photo, demo and music cv, or contact us for information on how we can help you to create your own professional profile.

Email: Contact Us

Twitter: @BehindTheForce
Facebook: Behind The Force

Call us on (uk national rate charge): +44 08 4 4330 4065

Don’t delay call us now to get your journey started and be a force to reckon with.

“Success doesn’t just wait for you, you have to bring it to your door.”

Booking Agent

We strongly believe that working together we achieve more.

The team at BTF work alongside some top music industry agencies to book singers, musicians, dancers and bands for prestigious events.

We are being asked for new singers and talent for new and exciting projects.

The agents are often working closely with us to find the right singers and artists for their private, corporate or bands tour.

If you need a singer, or musician for your project, just give us a call. We will use our vast amount of singers to create a shortlist for you, or sign up to our music hub and register your job.

No project is too big or too small. Last minute calls always welcome.

Music Production

We all think we can do anything, but the truth is: “No man is an island”, and often another persons opinion can often change the course of our future.

Our main producers have worked with top recording artists from around the world. They will work with you on your project to create an amazing sound and will always encourage you to try new things with your voice, allowing you to experience the best of you.

We just love hearing your voice develop and expand into something new.

We’ll book you in for a professional vocal lesson to get to know your voice, then, we’ll get you use to recording in the studio. The rest is up to you.

Nothing can beat the experience of walking out of the session with your own music ready to listen.

It’s an experience not to miss.

Web Design

Your online profile is imperative to get right. Our web design team wont settle for 2nd best.

Blue Gorilla Design are a new and exciting web design company that specialize in the music business. Our team will work with you to create your bespoke website and online profile.

We are versatile in our approach to Web Design – ready to work on all projects, big and small. We like to build with a whole range of layouts and features to make every website unique, exciting and SEO friendly. Whether you have a good idea of what you want your site to look like or not, we are happy to get involved in the creative process. We always keep the user experience in mind, offering responsive sites that work across all devices.

Blue Gorilla Design

Vocal Coaching

For Great Vocals is the home of some of the UK’s best vocal mentors for professional singing artists in England.

All of our tutors are currently top session singers, choir directors, performance coaches and vocal coaches or vocal mentors. Each has worked with some of the best singers in the music industry, from West End to signed and unsigned label artists, as well as numerous beginners.

All of our vocal coaches use a bespoke style of training that meets the need of the individual. Clients include, rappers, singers, presenters and actors. We can also provide tutors that have been certified grade 1,2 and 3 in the world renowned ‘Speech Level Singing’ vocal technique.

Our coaching will provide you with techniques that enable you to:
Perform in a relaxed and professional way
Modify bad singing habits
Control your pitch tone and accuracy
Increase your vocal strength, and agility
Increase your vocal range
Be effective in auditions and recording sessions
Improve style, passion and emotion when singing and performing

Book a session with one of their tutors now via their website:

Community Workshops

WE CAN Sing UK seeks to inspire communities to come together through music and song and challenge the individual to break down personal fears and barriers.
They work with the elderly in retirement homes, people with learning difficulties, young people of all ages and abilities striving to empower them through the use of their voice. They encourage younger children to work together as a team and to never stop singing.
They offer a safe, fun and empowering learning environment for everyone that attends their workshops.

Visit their website for more information:

Creative Direction

Our personal stories are often the best testament of how to succeed.

Learn how to write songs.

Start reading music scores.

Finding a new you can be hard when all you know is that your destiny is in music. Let one of our creative directors start the ball rolling with a coaching session for your to discover the real music you.

It is not easy – we know – we’ve been there, but when you find a slipper that fits, you don’t want any other.

A great creative director will not allow you to be pigeon wholled, as we all come from different walks of life.

You want to make an impact in this business? You need to find the right person to walk alongside you to ensure that the music you make will last forever.

Never compromise on quality, so book now to have your music reviewed and a feedback session.

We are here to help.

Artist Promotion

UK and International music festivals are always looking for emerging artists. We’ve got some great links for you.

Some of the top festivals throughtout the world are always looking for new artists. We have recently got a link with an agent that is specifically looking to book artists into international festivals. so if you are a soloists, duo’s, function band, rock band, indie bands, comedians and dancers, we will look into getting your act booked in.

Please do send us your current online profiles and we will do the rest.

If you haven’t got an online profile and want some assistance with it, be sure to contact us as this is our specialiaity.

Alternatively put your profile online now at: and we will refer our festival bookers to you.